• UI/UX, Concept
  • Winter 2014
  • After Effects, Illustrator
  • Personal Project
  • Quak is a mobile Q&A app that gets the important questions answered through user-voted rankings and real-time updates.
    Playing with After Effects prototyping. Screens linked in jQuery.
    The Problem

    Asking questions during lecture, or any presentation, can be an arduous process for many reasons: we have to hold onto our questions and keep them in our heads until the presenter is ready to answer them, the presenter spends too much time answering "dumb" questions when there are better questions to be asked, or sometimes we simply don't feel like speaking up in front of a large crowd.

    "I don't want to speak up in front of the entire class."
    "Sometimes I don't even hear the question so I just zone out when the professor is going over the answer."
    "I forget what I was going to ask."
    The Features