My name is Jessica. I design and code digital experiences, currently in New York City. More about me.
Vimeo's North Star: Direct Sharing to Instagram
To help Vimeo's creators easily share their content, I designed and concepted an 'Export to Instagram' flow.
Working with Data to Improve Vimeo's Search
The Search team and I tested different designs around error states and spell correction to boost KPIs.
Building a Dashboard for Adobe's Engineers
I designed and developed the front-end of a dashboard that tracks progress on security projects among Adobe's engineers.
Prototyping with Principle to Explore Site Animations
I used Principle to quickly explore animated interactions for a new landing page for Vimeo Channels.
Building a UI Kit Using Sketch Nested Symbols
We created reusable components in Sketch that dramatically expedited the design team's workflow.
Need-Finding with User Research, Creates a Fish Tank
After discovering problems within the fish owning space, a team of students and I created 'Upstream', a connected smart tank app.